2014 Best Practices Forums

Over the weeks that preceded the IGF 2014 meeting, experts from government, business, civil society and the academic and technical communities worked, through open mailing lists and online virtual meetings, on formulating a series of IGF Best Practices on the following topics:

1. Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms 

2. Regulation and mitigation of unwanted communications (e.g. "spam")

3. Establishing and supporting Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) for Internet security

4. Creating an enabling environment for the development of local content

5. Online child protection

The discussions were documented by independent experts and fed into five 90 minutes forums during the IGF 2014 meeting in Istanbul, that, in turn, reported into a Best Practice Forums Wrap Up Main Session.

The draft outcome documents resulting from this process were open for comments until 15 September, via the review platform accessible here.

The final outcome documents of the five Best Practice Forums held at the 2014 IGF meeting are now available, together with a general overview of the process. They reflect the rough consensus views of the lead experts and contributing stakeholders and make suggestions for future work.

1. Best Practice Forums Overview

2. Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms 

3. Regulation and mitigation of unsolicited communications (e.g. "spam")

4. Establishing and supporting Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) for Internet security

5. Creating an enabling environment for the development of local content

6. Online child protection